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Monday, 12 December, 2022

Journal article in Frontiers in Climate, 12 October 2022.     Find the article here…

Report no
Author Miguel Brandão (KTH), Tomas Ekvall (TERRA and Chalmers), Sofia Poulikidou (IVL), Kristin Johansson (IVL), Johan Nilsson (IVL), Pavinee Nojpanya (IVL), Anna Wikström (Chalmers and Swedish Life Cycle Center), Tomas Rydberg (IVL)
Monday, 19 September, 2022

Summary ASSIST – Relay industrial supply chain sustainability data, is a feasibility study aimed to better understand companies’ current situation of and needs and potential ways forward of collecting life cycle data and…

Report no 2022:8
Author Anna Hedlund Åström, KTH Royal Institute of Technology; Raul Carlsson, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden; Sara Palander, Swedish Life Cycle Center; Tomas Rydberg, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute