Relay industrial supply chain sustainability data (ASSIST)

Report no 2022:8
Monday, 19 September, 2022


ASSIST – Relay industrial supply chain sustainability data, is a feasibility study aimed to better understand companies’ current situation of and needs and potential ways forward of collecting life cycle data and life cycle inventory data from suppliers. This is needed to improve the environmental performance of their products and services (over the life cycle), as well as increase their competitiveness. An efficient strategy of data collection is needed to respond to an increasing interest in life cycle assessment (LCA) and LCA data.

The methods used in the project were a literature review and an overview of ongoing initiatives, together with interviews and workshops with industrial companies.

LCA data collection is currently experienced for LCA, Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), Science Based Target Initiative (SBTI), CDP – Disclosure Insight Action and Traceability and recycled content. Today LCA data is collected from some suppliers and are managed manually and in the future this need to be managed at much less effort with an increased speed.

The project has developed the following vision, “In 2026, a clear line for the content and scope of a globally harmonized LCA data management has been established within companies that have an ambition to be at the forefront in terms of “sustainability”. So that it can provide sufficient confidence in the decisions based on statements about products and processes impacts on the environment and society along the value chain.”

And to reach this vision a collaboration project is needed and include the following option solutions; 1) Synergies and relationships, 2) Value-creating and cost-effective data management, and 3) Harmonization and standards.

Anna Hedlund Åström, KTH Royal Institute of Technology; Raul Carlsson, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden; Sara Palander, Swedish Life Cycle Center; Tomas Rydberg, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute