Systems and tools

Over the years several tools and systems have been developed within Swedish Life Cycle Center (former CPM). Explore some of them here.

Analysis tool for transport systems (TrEx)

The project was a co-operation between ABB, Akzo Nobel, SCA, Volvo, SKF, Chalmers University of Technology, IVL and CPM. The result is an analysis tool for calculating environmental impact and efficiency of transport systems.

Courses at universities

Our partner universities arrange Life Cycle Assessment courses continuously. For more information contact KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences or Chalmers University of Technology.

The EPS system

EPS (Environmental Priority Strategies in product design) is a systematic approach to choose between design options in product and process development. It was developed to meet the requirements of an everyday product development process where the environmental concern is just one among several others and started in 1989 on request from Volvo as a co-operation between IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Volvo and the Swedish Federation of Industries (within the competence center Swedish Life Cycle Center (former CPM).