Tools & support

Over the years several tools and systems have been developed within Swedish Life Cycle Center (former CPM). Explore some of them here.

LCA data bases

Several databases for life cycle assessments are available. Some are free of charge, others are commercial and the data quality and transparency differs from database to database.

Swedish Life Cycle Center runs several projects in the data field. Read more about them below.

Project Data meth test

Project Life cycle data strategy

Project CPM LCA database

CPM LCA Database

Swedish Life Cycle Center provides LCA data in the CPM LCA Database. The administration is mainly managed by Environmental Systems Analysis at Chalmers University of Technology.

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The Life Cycle Data Network

The Life Cycle Data Network (LCDN) is aimed at providing a globally usable infrastructure for the publication of quality assured LCA dataset (i.e. LCI datasets and LCIA method datasets) from different organizations ( e.g. industry, national LCA projects, research groups, and consultants). Life Cycle Data Network datasets support Policy development and application, Environmental Footprint activities and European Commission Life-Cycle based projects.

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ELCD (European reference Life Cycle Database)

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The Global LCA data access network

The “Global LCA Data Access” network (GLAD) aims towards “a global network comprised of independently-operated and interoperable LCA databases, connecting multiple data sources to support life cycle assessment in a way that facilitates sustainability-related decisions”. The network will enable access by users to the majority of the LCA databases and their seamless delivery into LCA software, with sufficient documentation of metadata that allows for “fitness for purpose” for any end user.

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