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The Swedish Life Cycle Center plays an important role for all its actors within the Center by fostering networks, enhancing competence, and influencing future development. How the partnership is used depends on the partner’s choice. However, many partners highly value direct access to the network, research, and high-level discussions. Others actively participate in working groups that align with their organization’s agenda. For some organizations, the Swedish Life Cycle Center has been and continues to be crucial to their ongoing efforts in improving life cycle practices and capacity building.

The Center hosts a dialogue group with nine government agencies in Sweden, collaborates with small and medium-sized companies through formal letters of collaboration, and establishes collaborative partnerships with other life cycle organizations at a global level.


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Swedish Energy Protection Agency

In collaboration with

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Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation
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A neutral platform

We unite research institutes, academia, industry & government agencies and are acting as a neutral arena for mutual learning.

Our partners are our foundation. They contribute to the activities, start cross sector research projects and build the operational plan. They have a seat in the board and shape the agenda of the Center.

We create value through:

  1. Research projects
  2. Working groups & expert groups
  3. Communication & networking activities

Voices about the Center

“I personally do not know any similar organisation globally that has the same ambition andefficiency/effectiveness in the wide area of lifecycle science and applications. This makes your center unique in the (LCA/ sustainability) world.”


//External reviewer of the Center, 2021


“Swedish Life Cycle Center sees beyond national and industrial borders. With its unique working groups, the Center can affect the international development in the life cycle field.” 


//Elin Eriksson, Director, Key Accounts and Assignments, IVL, 2021

“We are currently putting the LCA foundation of our products, therefore we believe it is crucial to have a partnership with Swedish Life Cycle Center to support us to advance our activities in this field.”


//Babak Kianian, LCA Specialist Höganäs, 2022

“Thanks to Swedish platform for the life cycle perspective it is possible to gather a crucial knowledge base within the life cycle field. With a lot of competence gathered in one network we can easier reach out with new research solutions and life cycle knowledge.” 


//Susanna Widstrand, Swedish Energy Agency, 2020


“Access to high level discussions between researchers, practitioners and decision-makers with a unique insights in business and access to business cases.”


//Anne-Marie Tillman, Professor Emerita Chalmers University of Technology, 2022

Partners get access to

  • Newsletter & strategic intelligence
  • Webinars, workshops & seminars
  • All material in the web forum
  • A channel to spread research & activities
  • Several working groups & expert groups with high level methodology discussions
  • Experiences & practices in business and in policy
  • Yearly network conferences
  • Support to create joint research projects & activities
  • A national & an international network of life cycle professionals & competence