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A neutral platform

We unite research institutes, academia, industry & government agencies and is acting as a neutral arena for mutual learning.

Our partners are our foundation. They contribute to the activities, start cross sector research projects and build the operational plan. They have a seat in the board and shape the agenda of the center.

We create value through:

  1. Research projects
  2. Working groups & Expert groups
  3. Communication & networking actitities

What’s in it for me as a production company?

The center consists of several production companies and covers different kind of industries.


“The network within Swedish Life Cycle Center and Swedish platform for the life cycle perspective has supported in many common issues. When Volvo Cars was discussing to purchase a new software solution for LCA,the center’s partners were there to give advice and share experience.”


//Anna Widerberg, Volvo Cars Group





What’s in it for me as a researcher?

Researchers from academia as well as research institutes have been partners in the center since several years.


“Swedish Life Cycle Center sees beyond national and industrial borders. With its unique working groups, the center can affect the international development in the life cycle field.” 


//Elin Eriksson, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute




What’s in it for me as a government agency?

For government agencies the center means an important platform for mutual learning and collaboration between agencies as well as to the network of researchers and practitioners.

“Thanks to Swedish platform for the life cycle perspective it is possible to gather a crucial knowledge base within the life cycle field. With a lot of competence gathered in one network we can easier reach out with new research solutions and life cycle knowledge.” 


//Susanna Widstrand, Swedish Energy Agency



Inspiration from our partners

What you'll get as a partner

  • Newsletter once/month
  • Webinars & seminars for free
  • Access to the network in the web forum
  • A channel to spread your research & activities
  • Access to several working groups & expert groups
  • Yearly network conference
  • Access to workshops for ongoing research projects