A collaboration platform for academia, research institutes, industry and government agencies advancing and applying the life cycle field


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Long lasting commitment

The Center has a history of more than 25 years and has become a credible, well known platform for life cycle professionals in Sweden. It was founded as Competence Centre for Environmental Assessment of Product and Material Systems, CPM, in 1996 as a joint effort between Nutek (later VINNOVA), Chalmers University of Technology and a range of international companies. Curious in the development of life cycle assessment throughout these years, see  the video lecture: Thirty years of life cycles.

“Swedish Life Cycle Center has been instrumental for the development and
adoption of the life cycle perspective 
in Swedish companies and
has made important contributions to international standardization
in the life cycle field.”


Professor Emerita Anne-Marie Tillman, one of the founders of the center

Our mission

Our mission is to work for the integration of the life cycle perspective into processes and decision making in industry, government policy and other parts of society. The increased application of the life cycle perspective leads to increasedresource efficiency that enhances sustainable production and consumption patterns, new innovations, and a sustainable circular economy. The life cycle perspective opens possibilities of working towards our common sustainability challenges and sustainable development goals.

How we work

No matter what activities we perform the foundation is:


  • Relevant & scientifically based methods, practices & tools
  • Support the competence & knowledge building
  • Influence national & international initiatives

Credible and applied life cycle thinking for decision making

“The foundation for the center is mutual learning, our activities have a scientific base combined with the users’ and practitioners’ perspective on implementation and decision making.


Sara Palander, Director Swedish Life Cycle Center

Short facts about us:

Swedish Life Cycle Center is a center of excellence and collaboration platform for academia, research institutes, industry and government agencies. It fosters competence-building and knowledge exchange in advancing and applying the life cycle field.

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15 partners
26 years of collaboration
9 research projects & groups
520 life cycle professionals
8 government agencies

The partnership

The Swedish Life Cycle Center plays an important role for all its actors within the Center to build networks, competence and influence future development. How the partnership is used is up to the partner. Some partners value the direct contact to the network and research. Others are engaged in expert groups that go in line with their organization’s agenda. And for some organizations, Swedish Life Cycle Center has been and is a key to their continuous work with life cycle related improvements.


Join the network

There are different ways of interaction:

  1. Become a partner and get access to all results, activities and discussions.
  2. Arrange a conference, seminar or workshop together with us.
  3. Attend a life cycle training.
  4. Follow our news on LinkedIn and in public newsletters.

This is a value-adding partnership

• Obtain tools and inspiration for new strategies andworking processes to implement in your operations. 

• Set the research agenda for joint efforts. 

• Collaborate in joint research projects with academia, research institutes and partners in industry and authorities involved. 

• Capacity building through close contact with other experts within the life cycle field. 

• Obtain access to high quality decision support and a network of almost 500 life cycle professionals. 

• Find new ways to manage long-term sustainability. 

• Make a larger impact through joint efforts to influence national and international initiatives. 

• Benchmark the partners within the center. 

• Be highlighted as a frontrunner in sustainability. Your good examples, research and other initiatives are communicated by Swedish Life Cycle Center. 

• Access to web forum for close contact with partners and regular updates. 

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The activities of Swedish Life Cycle Center are summarized continuously and gathered in Annual reports and Stage summaries. Read some of them here.

Summary of Swedish Life Cycle Center self-assessment report stage 9, 2019-2021

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Annual report 2020

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