Innovation cluster for the life cycle perspective 2020-2024

Type Admin project
Time period 2020-06-01 - Ongoing

The project provides a meeting place where industry, academia, authorities and other parts of society come together to create opportunities for an increased understanding and use of the life cycle perspective. The project aims to create engagement, knowledge and tools for implementation of life cycle thinking in decision making and thereby contribute to increased resource efficiency in society and a sustainable energy system.

The project is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and partners in Swedish Life Cycle Center and managed by the Swedish Life Cycle Center.

Aim & Objectives

The project aims to increase the Swedish collaboration within the life cycle-field and contribute to knowledge exchange, competence building and increased understanding of the life cycle perspective. The overall aim is to contribute to an increase application of life cycle perspective, which will contribute to increased resource efficiency in society, a sustainable energy transition and fulfillment of Agenda 2030.

The project is a continuation of the project Swedish platform for the life cycle perspective which was run between January 2017 and May 2020, and was also financed by the Swedish Energy Agency and partners in Swedish Life Cycle Center.

Expected outcomes

The project is expected to increase the conditions for new collaborations and innovative ideas, increased application and use of results from research and innovation projects, and that the life cycle perspective is used by more organizations. The project will many different activities for several different target groups in order to reach these goals and expected outcomes, e.g.

Seminar, webinars and training for increase knowledge building
Initiate and coordinate research projects to develop tools and contribute the methodology development
– Provide communication and training material

If you would like to be invited to the activities arranged within the project, you are welcome to follow us at LinkedIn, sign up to our news list (click here and scroll down to “Sign up to our newsletter” or send an e-mail to Looking forward to keeping you updated on the project!

Latest news:
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Project organisation
Chalmers University of Technology Essity Hygiene and Health IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute KTH Royal Institute of Technology Nouryon RISE Research Institutes of Sweden SKF Scania Sweco Environment Swedish Energy Agency Swedish Environmental Protection Agency Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Vattenfall Volvo Car Group Volvo Group