Development of method and application for monetarization

Funded by Swedish Energy Agency
Type Research project
Time period 2013-05-01 - 2015-01-31


The overall aim of the project is to provide companies and other actors with valuation factors for carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases as well as for energy and other natural resources, that can be used in cost-benefit analysis, life cycle assessments and other methods for evaluating different alternative solutions and measures, for example related to energy use and renewable resources. To some extent this is already available today, but since existing value estimates differ substantially and describe different types of values, there is a need to describe different methods and estimates and connect these to different types of decisions.

Aim & objectives

Provide companies and other actors with valuation factors for greenhouse gases and energy and other resources that can be used in cost-benefit analysis, life-cycle assessment and other methods to evaluate different solutions.


Within this project existing methods were investigated, different estimates were valued and it was being described how to use them. Based on this, preliminary recommendations were made concerning which data that could be used in different situations. The estimates can be used in comparing different alternatives, for example concerning different energy systems, but also to compare the potential environmental cost to other values.

The project resulted in an article, a seminar at the Swedish Energy Agency and a presentation at a network conference at Swedish Life Cycle Center. Read more in publications attached.

Article | Lina Isacs, Göran Finnveden, Lisbeth Dahllöf, Cecilia Håkansson, Linnea Petersson, Bengt Steen, Lennart Swanström, Anna Wikström (2016). Choosing a monetary value of greenhouse gases in assessment tools. Journal of Cleaner Production. 

Seminar | “Monetary valuation of carbon dioxide and resources”. Presentation at the Swedish Energy Agency on March 11, 2015 in Eskilstuna.

Conference presentation | “Development of method and application for monetarization”. Presentation at the Swedish Life Cycle Center’s Network Conference on February 5, 2015 in Gothenburg

Project organisation
Lina Isacs, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Cecilia Håkansson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Bengt Steen Chalmers University of Technology Maria Lindblad, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute Sara Palander, Swedish Life Cycle Center Anna Widerberg, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden Anna Wikström, Swedish Life Cycle Center