Good examples – inspiration to energy efficiency through the entire value chain

Type Research project
Time period 2014-10-01 - 2016-12-31

With focus on successful life cycle activities that are already in place in Swedish organizations, this project aimed to spread the good examples.


The life cycle perspective is crucial for companies and other organizations in order to reduce their environmental impact and to reach climate- and energy efficiency goals. However, despite the great potential of reducing environmental impact and energy use with the life cycle perspective the understanding, acceptance, and motivation for an active implementation of the perspective in organizations are sometimes missing.


The goal is to identify and develop useful and inspiring examples and processes on how the life cycle perspective has been used among different actors. The project aims to spread these examples in order to inspire and increase organizations’ knowledge on how they can reduce their environmental impact and energy use. The project aims to target organizations with; low or little knowledge about the life cycle perspective; interested but lack in-house competence; Swedish organization within private and public sector, SME’s and large companies and organization in different branches. The results can also be useful for experts that need tools and examples to spread the life cycle perspective in their own organizations.


A report including several examples and a getting started guide

Publication on One Planet Network

Presentation at the 7th International Conference on Life Cycle Management (LCM2015)