Adapted decision support for increased energy efficiency in value chains

Funded by Swedish Energy Agency
Type Research project
Time period 2016-08-15 - 2018-08-31

Life cycle information is used differently thru out the organization, this project investigate how information can contribute for better environmental performance when addressed correctly.


It is often possible for a company to achieve greater overall energy savings by including their products’ entire value chains compared to only focusing on own operations. Yet, although many companies have internal information and decision-support system that include energy use along the value chain, this information rarely have an impact on decisions and actions throughout the company.


The aim of the project is to facilitate for the various functions of a company to contribute to increased energy efficiency in a life cycle perspective. Through mappings and case studies, different departments’ understanding and use of life cycle related energy data is analyzed.


In 2017, the project group arranged a workshop to discuss preliminary results from the case studies. 

The results from the study were presented at the Life Cycle Innovation Conference on August 29-31, 2018.

It also generated a guide with the title: “Att införa ett livscykelperspektiv i miljöledningssystem: Inspiration, övningar och tips på tillvägagångssätt”.

A project summary is to be found here. 

Webinar to present the results on November 21, 2018.