Meeting in the Nordic working group “LCA, climate and buildings” to discuss harmonization

Tuesday, 21 April, 2020

On April 22nd, the working group for LCA climate and buildings will gathering for their third meeting and at this meeting the discussion will be within the topics of decarbonization, assessment methods and data and its flows. You are also invited to a webinar to get a deeper insight to the results from the working group.

The working group for LCA, climate and buildings consist of around 40 professionals in the building sector and all Nordic countries are represented. The purpose of the working group is to give input to Nordic harmonization of life cycle assessment of climate emissions buildings with the aim to reduce the building sector’s climate emissions. The aim of the working group is also to work for Nordic collaboration on issues related to mainstreaming LCA methods, their practical application and normative development of climate impacts of buildings.

The group has met twice before to discuss the aim, purpose and theme areas regarding harmonization.

The initial list of theme areas is:

  • Efforts for the decarbonisation of the building stock
  • Financial and other incentives
  • Assessment methods
  • Data and its flow
  • BIM + LCA

Prior to this meeting the group were asked to prioritize between the theme areas to narrow the scope of the meeting and the prioritized theme areas for this meeting is: assessment methods, data and its flow and efforts for the decarbonisation of the building stock. The results from the discussion will give input to proposals for harmonization and methods to the Nordic building authorities and shed light on where to focus the efforts to effectively harmonize.


The working group will host a webinar on May 29 to present the results from the process so far and in August 27 there will be a second “Nordic climate Forum for construction” where the discussion will continue with a wider group of stakeholders.


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