PEF seminar on biodiversity & LANCA

Date:Wednesday, 24 November, 2021 Time:13:00 - 15:00

Product environmental footprint seminar on biodiversity & LANCA (Land Use Indicator Value Calculation in Life Cycle Assessment)

When: November 24, 13.00-15.00
Where: Zoom-meeting (online), see link below

The overall aim of the seminar is to give the participants an insight into biodiversity and land use methodologies for Environmental Footprints (EF) and through discussion influence the continued development for EF and beyond


  • Welcome and introduction to Product Environmental Footprint and the project Environmental Footprint in Sweden (Sara Palander, Swedish Life Cycle Center & Elin Eriksson, IVL)
  • Strategies and policy requirements from EU Commission related to Biodiversity and Land use; e.g. Green Deal, Taxonomy, EU Forest Policy (Elin Eriksson, IVL)
  • Introduction to the LANCA method, and ongoing developments (Rafael Horn, Fraunhofer)
  • Status of Biodiversity in the Agricultural WG in TAB and the ongoing evaluation (Rafael Horn, Fraunhofer)
  • Status of development of Biodiversity Standard within ISO (Andreas Englund, IVL)
  • Example of approaches toquantify biodiversity in LCA in relation to PEF (Serina Ahlgren, RISE, Eskil Mattson, IVL)
  • Discussion (where are the gaps and needs, Scandinavian conditions, comparability, uncertainties)


The seminar is arranged within the project Environmental footprint in Sweden, funded by Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency.

More information about the project,


Seminar planning group:

Elin Eriksson, Eskil Mattsson, Johan Nilsson, IVL

Serina Ahlgren, RISE