Documentation from Network conference "Let´s meet and talk LCA research!" on November 26, 2020


Below you can find the documentation from the Network conference, 26 November 2020, the recorded keynote speech and presentations from the parallel sessions.

Keynote speaker

Johan Widheden, WWF

LCA – An enabler for the Net Zero economy – Johan Widheden


Attributional and consequential LCA

The concepts of attributional and consequential LCA – Tomas Ekvall, Chalmers University of Technology
Some common misunderstanding about Attributional LCA – Göran Finnveden, KTH
How sensitive is the estimated carbon footprint of biofuels to the LCA modelling approach – Miguel Brandao, KTH



Biological Diversity

Indicators and frameworks for biodiversity assessments what, when and how to use them – Serina Ahlgren, RISE
Biodiversity in Life cycle assessment – Emke, Vrasdonk, Chalmers University of Technology



From CO2 to CEO

From CO2 to CEO…or, the practices and realities of LC work- Henrikke Baumann, Chalmers University of Technology




Prospective LCA

A prospective perspective in LCA – Rickard Arvidsson, Chalmers University of Technology
Scenario development in prospective LCA – Matty Janssen, Chalmers University of Technology



LCA of foods

Towards better representation of organic agriculture in LCA – Christel Cederberg, Chalmers University of Technology
Tackling sustainability challenges in urban vertical farming – Michael Martin, IVL



Social LCA

S-LCA methodological development – what’s new in the upcoming revised S-LCA Guidelines – Elisabeth Ekener, KTH
Social LCA in the Bioeconomy Sector – from risk perspective to social capital – Brigit Brunklaus, RISE




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