Webinar: SOCA database for LCSA

Date:Friday, 15 September, 2017 Time:11:00 - 12:00

SOCA – database for LCSA. Structure, features and methods.


During this webinar, Franziska Eisfeldt from GreenDelta will present the SOCA database. SOCA is an add-on for the ecoinvent database containing social inventory data based on PSILCA. In the webinar, the soca database will be presented. Soca is an add‐on for the ecoinvent database containing social inventory data based on PSILCA. It allows practitioners to assess environmental, social and economic impacts of products simultaneously for the same product systems. To start with, Franziska will provide a brief introduction of LCSA. In continuation, she will present the structure, features and method of the soca add‐on, i.e. describe the mapping approach between PSILCA sectors and ecoinvent products, the selection and calculation of the activity variables and the assessment of data quality. To illustrate the application of soca in practice, the case of solar panels will be presented. For this purpose, environmental, social and economic impacts will be evaluated, analyzed and compared – among each other and to S‐LCA results calculated with PSILCA. The results can support manufacturers to assess products holistically, from the three different sustainability angles, which can influence business decisions and product development. The integrative assessments also helps to avoid setting the wrong priorities in terms of eco‐“socio”‐ efficiency.

There will also be time for questions and discussion.

WHAT: A webinar about a database to carry out Life Cycle Sustainability Assessments (LCSA).

FOR WHOM: For partners in Swedish Life Cycle Center.

ARRANGED BY: Swedish Life Cycle Center, through the project Swedish platform for the life cycle perspective.

HOW & WHERE: Online meeting with Skype. Join the meeting with your computer or phone. Login in details to the webinar will be sent to all registered participants before the meeting.

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About the speaker

Franziska Eisfeldt is a sustainability consultant at GreenDelta.


This webinar is arranged in collaboration with the working group Social LCA, within the project Swedish Platform for Life Cycle Perspective, funded by Swedish Energy Agency. The project is managed by Swedish Life Cycle Center and aims to establish a national collaboration platform for the advance of applied life cycle thinking.

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