Supply chains – TOSCA

Funded by EU LIFE + Environment programme
Type Research project
Time period 2009-01-01 - 2011-12-31

Towards sustainable supply chains through a common approach for company strategic work and daily operations.

The LIFE TOSCA project has provided the means for companies and industrial sectors to improve their environmental performance by addressing sustainability in value chains extending both upstream and downstream. Through the participation of AkzoNobel and SCA, it has also demonstrated that such a process can be integrated into the business practices of large companies.

It provides the key message that with the active engagement of several players in the value chain, economic development can be much more environmentally sustainable. However, the ultimate impact of the project will depend on the extent to which companies and industries heed the project’s message and use its tools.

Aim & objectives

Show how companies can work towards sustainable development, within the company and in its supply chain.


A framework for working with sustainability in different parts of the supply chain. The website contains:

  • Activities in the work towards sustainable supply chains, with practical approaches and examples for how a company can introduce and integrate sustainability considerations into business processes.
  • Information about what Sustainable development means, including current trends & issues and the business case.
  • Hands-on Getting started guides for how to get started with central tools in the work with sustainability in supply chains.

The project also resulted in the Tosca webbpage:


  • Project Contact:

  • Project Contact:

Project organisation
Ann-Christine Pålsson, SCA Susan Iliefski-Janols, SCA Ellen Riise, SCA Klas Hallberg, AkzoNobel Emma Ringström, AkzoNobel Anne-Marie Tillman, Chalmers University of Technology Ulrika Palme, Chalmers University of Technology Bengt Steen, Chalmers University of Technology