Environmental Footprint Expert Group

Funded by Partly by the Swedish Energy Agency
Type Expert group
Time period 2022-08-01 - Ongoing


The need to communicate the environmental impact of products in a credible way from a life cycle perspective is increasing. Part of the European Commission’s initiative ”Single Market for Green Products” aims to facilitate better information on the environmental performance of products and organisations. Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) and Organisation Environmental Footprint (OEF) are two methods that were developed in 2013 and have since been tested, evaluated, and developed. These methods are still being developed, and policies and legislative proposals are emerging based on PEF.

The Environmental Footprint methods measure and communicate the environmental performance of products (both goods and services) and organisations across their whole life cycle, from raw material extraction or growing to the end-of-life management, via production, distribution and use.

Overall aim of expert group

Follow, understand and impact the development of the Environmental Footprint (EF) methodologies (PEF and OEF). Exchange information and experience between Life cycle professionals among partners and other invited stakeholders on the methodologies and the implementation of the EF in EU and national policy. Some coordination of the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) representatives from Sweden in 2022.

Overview of Environmental Footprint

Target group

Life cycle professionals, researchers, decision-makers, practitioners, policy-makers, Swedish representatives in the TAB. Some meetings could be arranged about a specific methodological issue which will be communicated with working group and in the Swedish Life Cycle Center communication channels (newsletters and internal web page).

Expected outcomes

Continued national coordination on Environmental footprint between Swedish experts with an impact on the methodological development. Better insight in the development of the methods (PEF and OEF) and better understanding of the policy and legislation process. Short reports will be given from meetings within the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) and the EF-subgroup of the IPP/SCP-RE (Integrated Product Policy/Sustainable Consumption and Production-Resource Efficiency).

If funding from funding agency, this group will be important for testing and implementing the PEF methods/parts of the method.

Discussions regarding consequences of the Green Claims intiative on life cycle related environmental communication will be proritized.

Depending on TAB and EF sub group meetings, discussions and consultations, some meetings could be arrange to support representatives from Sweden in this work and impact methodological issues.

Project organisation
Partners in the Center and Government agencies and SMEs in collaboration with the Center. Invited experts