Spotlight on National Board of Housing, Building and Planning

Wednesday, 16 January, 2019

Since 2016, the center has a close collaboration with seven Swedish government agencies. They meet on a regular basis to share experience and build common knowledge in the life cycle field. These authorities play important roles in shaping future policies and legislation, and off course we are curious about how they deal with life cycle thinking.

Next authority to put spotlight on is National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket).

How would you describe your organization’s work with life cycle related issues?

— Boverket´s assignment is to promote good living environment without destroying the environment by using different types of incentives. Life cycle thinking is important and is introduced gradually in our work.

Can you give some examples of recent achievements within the life cycle field?

— We have published a web guide on life cycle assessment (LCA) for buildings and submitted a proposal to the government on requirements for climate declaration of buildings taking into account a life-cycle perspective. Read more here.

Which challenges or problems do you face today?

— The challenges are to spread the knowledge on how to perform an LCA and to create a demand for using LCA on buildings and for life cycle data for construction products etc.

Why is this field important?

— The environmental impact from the construction sector accounts for a significant part of the society´s environmental impact from a life cycle perspective.

What are the most valuable outcomes of your collaboration with Swedish Life Cycle Center?

— The most valuable outcomes of the collaboration is that different authorities can share experiences, which makes the work more cost effective for the state.


Short facts:

In collaboration with the center since: 2016

Main contact person: Hans-Olof Karlsson Hjorth

Read more: An introduction to Life Cycle Assessment

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