Gregory Peters new scientific director at the Swedish Life Cycle Center

Wednesday, 08 September, 2021

We are very pleased to announce that Gregory Peters started his position as a Scientific director at the Swedish Life Cycle Center on September 1, 2021. Gregory, who is a professor in Environmental Systems Analysis at the Technology Management and Economics at Chalmers, will contribute to strengthening the scientific side of the center and, in close dialogue with the center’s director Sara Palander, is responsible for ensuring that the Swedish Life Cycle Center conducts excellent research that contributes to the life cycle field. The scientific director is affiliated to the Swedish Life Cycle Center at 10% full time and the position is for 2 years.


Hi Gregory and a warm welcome as a scientific director at the Swedish Life Cycle Center! You are not a new face to us here at the center, but can you tell our readers a little about the role you had with us before?

– I remember being very impressed by the Swedish Life Cycle Center´s running of LCM2013 here in Gothenburg, which was my first LCM-series conference and perhaps my first Swedish Life Cycle Center meeting. Since then, I have participated in a number of meetings and collaborations at the center. In 2017 I was asked to review the value of the center to Chalmers, which was a good opportunity to learn more about what the center does and its prospects. My report supported the idea that Chalmers´ should take on Swedish Life Cycle Center, so I am happy that the translocation has been a success. I’ve made a modest contribution to the Swedish Life Cycle Center regularly over the years, but the connection seems to be growing and this new role is an opportunity to contribute a lot more.


What made you interested in applying for the position?

– This position creates a new opportunity to meet clever people, to find out what they think that the Swedish Life Cycle Center should be doing and to use that information to add value to the organization. Among other outcomes, I think that adding a Scientific director will help generate stronger research funding applications. There is a lot of academic talent connected with the center so I think there is plenty of potential for this – prioritizing will be the hard part!


What is your research about?

– My research is aimed at expanding the application of sustainability assessment tools and improving their accuracy. Recent research projects relate to the clothing, water, agricultural and chemical industries, the regulatory sector and the fate of nitrogen discharges. I have also led research projects to measure greenhouse gas emissions from the water sector, which led to a role as Lead Author for the IPCC’s latest update of the guidelines for estimating national greenhouse equipment. In addition, I teach life cycle assessment and environmental science to university students and deliver education and peer-review services to industrial clients.


– I look forward to introducing Gregory to this new role that will further enhance the scientific part of the Swedish Life Cycle Center, says the Director of the center; Sara Palander. This is a result of the work that the previous Scientific Advisory group with representatives from all academic center partners has led to. This position provides a clear mandate and a mission that I now hope will inspire and engage researchers to do collaborative research within the center together with its industrial partners and authorities, but also to participate in the broader supply of knowledge that is needed in our society.



Link to Gregory´s profile at the Chalmers´ webpage