8 tools for sustainable decisions

Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

Since the 90’s, Life cycle assessments has been used by companies to measure the environmental impacts of their products and services and to better know where to focus their improvements. The method has been famous for its holistic approach, but critics sometimes mean that the data is too complex to be communicated to other than the environmental specialists.

Today, 30 years later, there are several tools available to help consumers, buyers, project leaders and other decision makers to make sustainable choices. Many of them are based on life cycle data and packaged in a clear way. These tools are good examples of success in the availability of life cycle data and methodology for the larger mass. We listed some of them here. Try them out!

List of tools

1. Klimatkontot

Developed by: IVL
Description: Klimatkontot is a tool where consumers can trace their climate footprint based on their lifestyles.
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2. Trafikverkets klimatkalkyl

Developed for: Trafikverket
Description: Infrastructure’s climate impact and energy use in a life cycle perspective. Used in Trafikverket’s projects to assess suppliers and projects climate impact.
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3. Byggsektorns miljöberäkningsverktyg

Developed by: IVL
Description: The construction sector’s environmental calculation tool (BM) is an industry-wide environmental assessment tool for buildings. The tool is based on life cycle assessment methodology and allows a non-expert to produce a climate declaration for a building. The tool allows you to calculate how much climate impacts different buildings have and how emissions can be reduced by changing materials and production methods.
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4. Köttguiden

Developed by: SLU for WWF
Description: Consumers can contribute to a more sustainable meat consumption by making wise choices that take into account the nature, climate and animal welfare. The meat guide makes it easy to choose and is available as a mobile app.
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5. Klimatkalkylator

Developed by: SEI and WWF
Description: A tool focusing on greenhouse gas emissions in connection to lifestiles. Test yourself in WWF and SEI’s climate calculator – responding to questions about your household’s accommodations, traveling, eating habits and shopping, you will quickly understand your environmental impact and what you can do to reduce it.
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6. Klimatkoll – a card game

Developed by: SEI and WWF
Description: Does a flight to New York cause more climatic impact than eating one steak per day for a year? Does a total kitchen renovation cause more than air travel? The card game Klimatkoll helps players understand how our everyday lives affect the climate. The game guarantees lively discussions and aha experiences! A round can be played in 15 minutes of two or more players over 12 years. The estimates of climate impact in the game are based on calculations by researchers at Chalmers University of Technology.
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7. Klimatsmart semester

Developed by: SEI and WWF
Description: Klimatsmart semester is a development project aimed at contributing to a more sustainable tourism by providing a digital platform with tools and knowledge content that promotes people’s opportunities to travel with low climate impact. In addition, the project aims to contribute to the sustainability work of the visiting industry, including through the dissemination of knowledge and the opportunity for business activities to integrate their own values for climate performance.
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8. Environmental Footprint Calculator by Volvo Group (Volvo Trucks)

Developed by: Volvo Trucks
Description: Volvo’s own environmental calculator to count on transports. The Environmental Footprint Calculator is based on a Full LCA that uses a cradle-to-grave approach.
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