Webinar and workshop

Date:Thursday, 03 June, 2021 Time:14:00 - 16:00

Reference and limit values for the carbon footprints of buildings – a Nordic perspective

Welcome to a webinar and workshop about reference and limit values for carbon footprints of buildings from a Nordic perspective. The Nordic working group for LCA, climate and buildings invites to a webinar and workshop where there will be opportunities to both listen to presentations from research done to find reference and limit values and also take active part in group discussions within the same topic.

The event starts with presentations projects to find reference and limit values done in Finland and Sweden. Panu Pasanen, One Click LCA, will present the Finnish study and Tove Malmqvist, KTH, will present the Swedish study. The presentations will be followed by a panel with one representative from each of the Nordic countries to reflect upon similarities and differences between studies done in their respective countries and the results from the studies.

The webinar is directed at those who are interested in reference and limit values for the carbon footprints of buildings and who would like to discuss this topic with representatives from academia, industry, and authorities.



About the Nordic working group LCA climate and buildings

The purpose of this working group is to give input to Nordic harmonization of life cycle assessment of climate emissions buildings with the aim to reduce the building sector’s climate emissions. The aim of the working group is also to work for Nordic collaboration on issues related to mainstreaming LCA methods, their practical application and normative development of climate impacts of buildings.

Read more about the group here: https://www.lifecyclecenter.se/projects/nordic-working-group-for-harmonization-lca-climate-and-buildings/