We welcome proposals for sessions and abstracts

To late ! Closing dates for abstract submissions was  on December 10th 2019

Abstract submissions and proceedings:

We welcome abstracts for oral or poster sessions! Please send in your abstract at the latest the December 1, 2019 December 10th 2019 in the submission system!

Format for submissions: extended abstracts (around 1000 word abstract, max 2 page). Further information on format will be come.

Publication: Conference abstracts will be printed in the pre-proceedings. The pre-proceedings book is generously published in the FruiTrop Thema series by Cirad. The FruiTrop Thema series collects abstracts from previous Social LCA conferences.

Time plan for submissions and publication:

– December 1st: closing of abstract submissions

– End of January: Reviews by scientific committee are sent out

– mid-March: Revised submission are sent in

– June: Pre-proceedings are available at the conference

We particularly welcome research addressing questions related to the conference theme:

Impacts: The discussion about impacts is central to the field of social LCA. The social impacts associated with products are diverse and difficult to capture well.  Are we considering only direct, or also indirect impacts? System boundary for the impacts to consider? Dymanic changes in a larger system? Time perspective for the impacts to meterialize? Impacts on whom? Are we considering all affected stakeholders? And, from another angle, what are the impacts of using social LCA?
Interests: What interests are found inte the product chain? What interests do social-LCA express?  Who’s interest are considered? Who’s interest are heard? What about trade-offs between interests? How can social and ecological interests be balanced?
Interactions: Between context, actors, tools, products and impacts – interactions are everywhere! How can intercations facilitate progress? How can they hinder progress? How can social-LCA help in assisting problem-identification and intervention?



Theme 1: Methods for social impacts


  • Goal, scope and functional unit
  • Assessing negative/positive social impacts
  • Social inventory data and databases
  • Visualising social LCA results

Theme 2: Methodological interests for applications


  • Social organisational LCA
  • Social LCA in policy
  • Social LCA in procurement
  • Social LCA in product design
  • Social LCA for NGOs
  • Social LCA for CSR

Theme 3: Scientific positioning and methodological interactions


  • Complementarity and overlap between environmental and social LCA
  • Social LCA in life cycle sustainability assessment
  • Social science perspectives on social LCA
  • The value of a life cycle perspective for social assessment

Theme 4: Impacts in practice


  • Role of social LCA in social change
  • Impact of social LCA on business practice
  • Documented improvements from social LCA

Theme 5: Interests in the product chain


  • Business vs social interests
  • Actor perspectives along the life cycle
  • Social visions and goals
  • Equity and well-being
  • Legitimacy, trust and certification

Theme 6: Interactions in the product chain


  • Communicating along product chains
  • Communicating social LCA results
  • Facilitation and round tabling
  • Actor interactions