Modelling incineration for more accurate comparisons to recycling in PEF and LCA (Journal Article)

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Wednesday, 17 November, 2021


Current life cycle assessments can incorrectly rank incineration over recycling. In the short term, products sent to incineration displace other waste flows. Investments in incinerator capacity are affected by gate fees and energy sales. Factor B in the Circular Footprint Formula can be calculated from these revenues. The focus on individual products is inadequate when assessing concerted actions.


Journal Article in Waste Management Volume 136, December 2021, Pages 153-161

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Tomas Ekvall (Chalmers and TERRA), Marie Gottfridsson (IVL), Johan Nilsson (IVL), Maja Nellström (IVL), Maria Rydberg (Swedish Life Cycle Center), Tomas Rydberg (IVL)