Spotlight on Swedish Geotechnical Institute

Tuesday, 05 January, 2021

Since 2016, the center has a close collaboration with nine Swedish government agencies. They meet on a regular basis to share experience and build common knowledge in the life cycle field. These authorities play important roles in shaping future policies and legislation, and off course we are curious about how they deal with life cycle thinking.

This time, Swedish Life Cycle Center aims the spotlight towards our most recent partner, SGI, the Swedish Geotechnical Institute (Svenska Geotekniska Institutet). The institute is an agency that works for safe, efficient and sustainable construction and sustainable use of land and natural resources. Their task is to include prevention of landslides and coastal erosion. We asked Ramona Kiilsgaard, Environmental engineer at SGI about their life cycle work and their expectations of the cooperation, which you can read about here.

How would you describe your organization’s work with the life cycle related issues?

– SGI has recently started to put more focus on research and application of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) as an environmental decision support tool in geotechnical engineering and environmental geotechnics. Examples of potential LCA-work include a) development of LCA database for geotechnical works, and b) case studies on environmental assessment of building foundations, soil stabilization methods, and soil and sediment remediation techniques.

Our future work can include LCA of climate adaptation strategies and mitigation measures, development of methods for geotechnical LCAs, and life cycle sustainability assessment of geotechnical systems.

Why have you chosen to cooperate with Swedish Life Cycle Center?

– SGI is part of the cooperation within Swedish Life Cycle Center and we aim to take part in, and contribute to, ongoing development in the area of life cycle assessment.

What are your expectations for the cooperation (both regarding the future dialogue with other government agencies and partnership with Swedish Life Cycle Center)?

– We wish to stay in close contact and further develop cooperation with other partners of Swedish Life Cycle Center. We are especially interested in collaborating on the state-of-the-art of LCA methodology and challenges in the use of it. Sharing ideas and experiences, and also contributing to the development of joint research and development projects.

Short facts:

In collaboration with the center since: 2020
Main contact person: Ramona Kiilsgaard, Environmental engineer.
Other contacts: Xingqiang Song, LCA analyst, and Per Bolin, Delegation for Göta älv.
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The collaboration and dialogue group for government agencies is coordinated within the project Innovation cluster for the life cycle perspective. The Innovation cluster for the life cycle perspective provides a meeting place where industry, academia, authorities and other parts of society come