New paper published from Swedish Life Cycle Center: The extended role of life cycle networks

Tuesday, 23 August, 2016

This paper elaborates on the role of life cycle centers and networks. It shows that networks and centers on life cycle thinking serves many roles in boosting industrial application of life cycle thinking as well as scientific advances, for example as ways of sharing and developing knowledge and resources. However, they also serve as arenas for empowerment, reduction of uncertainties and the building up of trust within and between organizations and institutions. By adding these benefits to the merits of the centers another role for networks emerge: not only as the function of efficient knowledge sharing, but also as catalysts for system innovation. The paper concludes by recommending life cycle networks to discuss their role in system innovation, and experiment with ways of identifying and communicating their impact as system builders.

Sara Palander & Emma Rex

The extended role of life cycle networks 2016:4