Network researchers in new podcast

Thursday, 22 March, 2018

Gothenburg center for sustainable development has recently launched a podcast where, among others, researchers active in Swedish Life Cycle Center play the lead roles. In the podcast called Målmedvetenskap, researchers from Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg will discuss research, collaboration and the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals. The researchers themselves invite other researchers whom they are curious about for a conversation, and to the conversation they bring one of the Global goals for sustainable development. Two goals at a time are being twisted and turned upon by two researchers from two different universities.

The first episode of Målmedvetenskap is out now and is available where podcasts can be found or here.

Upcoming episodes:

Episode 1: Katarina Gårdfeldt and Sverker Jagers

Episode 2:  Sverker Jagers and Sverker Molander

Episode 3: Sverker Molander and Kerstin Johannesson

Episode 4: Kerstin Johannesson and Anne-Marie Tillman

Episode 5: Anne-Marie Tillman and Cecilia Soler


Anne-Marie Tillman and Cecilia Soler

Text: Ulrika Georgsson

Top image Sverker Jagers and Sverker Molander