Master’s students investigate SMEs’ green transition

Wednesday, 06 March, 2024
Emil Eriksson and Joanna Nyberg, Master students at ChalmersTwo master’s students from Chalmers University of Technology are currently conducting their master’s dissertation with Swedish Life Cycle Center, focusing on the integration of life cycle thinking in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to address environmental sustainability challenges.

“We wanted to focus on a topic that is both interesting and has the potential to make a difference. Leveraging the expertise and extensive network that Swedish Life Cycle Center has is also a significant advantage for us,” says Joanna Nyberg. 

Emil Eriksson and Joanna Nyberg are investigating what support and tools SMEs need to better align with new EU directives, as part of the European Green Deal. Their focus is on companies within the entire renewable energy value chain.  

Emil studies Industrial Ecology, and Joanna studies Design and Construction Project Management, both sharing interests in sustainability, change management, and organizational learning. They recognized a knowledge gap in academia regarding the specific needs of SMEs for a green transition. 

“We have reached out to several organizations so far and have received significant interest in our project, which is great! We can already see that trade associations play an important role in the green transition of SMEs,” says Emil Eriksson. 

Emil Eriksson and Joanna Nyberg will be working with the project for Swedish Life Cycle Center during the spring 2024.