Let’s meet & talk LCA! Network conference

Date:Thursday, 26 September, 2019 Time:12:00 - 16:30

Welcome to a network conference about electric vehicles and updates on ongoing research within the Swedish Life Cycle Center

The day will start with a vegetarian mingle lunch and continue with an initial part about “How environmental friendly are electric Vehicles? With a Life Cycle perspective we can get the answers”. This part is built on the seminar arranged in Almedalen in July.

There will be room for group discussions and you will be updated on ongoing research within the Swedish Life Cycle Center.


12:00 Lunch & “recycle your poster”*

13:00 Welcome and introduction

13:15 Seminar and workshop:

–  Some claim that electric vehicles are a only strain on the environment, other that they are the only way forward. New technology can benefit one sustainability target but be in conflict with others.

  • Presentation of the working group LCA and Vehicles
  • A review from the seminar in Almedalen presented by the panel
  • Deepening discussions in smaller groups
  • Fika
  • Presentation from group discussions

You can watch the seminar from Almedalen here (in Swedish).

15:15 Get ahead with ongoing research within the center.

16:15 Thank you and wrap up

16:30 After work

This network conference is arranged by Swedish Life Cycle Center and the project Swedish platform for the life cycle perspective, funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and partners.


Veras Gräsmatta
Vera Sandbergs Allé 8
, Gothenburg
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Free of charge. For partners and government agencies in collaboration with the center.

For partners and government agencies in collaboration with the center