Conference: 10th International Conference on Life Cycle Management (LCM 2021)

Start:Sunday, 05 September, 2021, 00:00 End:Wednesday, 08 September, 2021, 00:00

The 10th International Conference on Life Cycle Management will take place from 5th – 8th September 2021 as a virtual conference. More than 600 scholars and practitioners from over 40 countries will come together online. The objective of LCM 2021 is to discuss and advance the implementation of Life Cycle approaches with a broad scope of:

  • industry sectors: mobility, production, automation, building and construction, materials and manufacturing, etc.
  • supply chain stages: supplier, enabler, OEM, user, recycler
  • company sizes : SME, multinational company, industry organization
  • sustainability focuses: system sustainability, product sustainability, corporate sustainability
  • research activities: basic research, applied research, industry research
  • stakeholders: NGOs, public institutions, politics

The theme for the conference is “Building a Sustainable Future Based on Innovation and Digitalization”

The LCM (Life Cycle Management) conference series is one of the world’s leading forums for environmental, economic and social sustainability. The focus is on practical solutions for the implementation of life cycle approaches into strategic and operational decision-making, whether in science, industry, NGOs or public institutions. It takes place every second year, each time organized by a leading research institution and industry in the domain.

Conference website

Swedish Life Cycle Center will attend the conference and host three sessions.

    • Life Cycle Data Supporting Supply Chain Management and Procurement (session 8.6)
    • Life Cycle Thinking in Companies and Organizations (session 5.6)
    • Transformation Towards Future Mobility (session 2.1)