Dialogue meeting for government agencies

Date:Thursday, 21 November, 2024 Time:09:00 - 10:30 CET


  • Welcome and Introduction (by Anna Wikström, Swedish Life Cycle Center)
  • Meeting focus: Verification (speakers will be added)
  • External Environment – What’s happening within respective authorities (all)
  • Updates from the Swedish Life Cycle Center and the Innovation Cluster for the Life Cycle Perspective (by Anna)
  • Meeting planning for 2025
  • Other

This meeting is open for government agencies in collaboration with Swedish Life Cycle Center.

Questions about the meeting: Welcome to contact Anna Wikström, anna.wikstrom@chalmers.se, 031-772 49 61.

The meeting is organized within the project Innovation cluster for the life cycle perspective, funded by Swedish Energy Agency and parnters in Swedish Life Cycle Center.