New project from Swedish Energy Agency for the advance of life cycle thinking

Thursday, 02 July, 2020

We are proud to announce that Swedish Life Cycle Center has received funding for a new project from the Swedish Energy Agency, in support of an innovation cluster for the life cycle perspective between 2020 and 2024! The project is intended to continue to strengthen Swedish collaboration in the life cycle area and contribute to an increased exchange of know-how, skills development and understanding for the life cycle perspective in industry and other parts of society.

– We are incredibly proud to receive this funding from the Swedish Energy Agency and to continue to build on the momentum that was created in the earlier project Swedish Platform for the Life Cycle Perspective. We can see how the Swedish Energy Agency’s funding has enabled us to meet society’s increased demand for life cycle skills. Owing to the keen involvement of several different players, we reach out to many organisations, impact on important international initiatives and contribute to an important increase in skills development in society, says Sara Palander, Director of the Swedish Life Cycle Center at Chalmers University of Technology.

Lars Mårtensson, chair of the Swedish Life Cycle Center board and Environment and Innovation Director at Volvo Trucks, welcomes the funding from the Swedish Energy Agency.  – An increase in the application of the life cycle perspective is essential for increasing society’s resource efficiency and for innovations and new business models that contribute to the transition towards sustainability. This project is an important component for promoting this transition and to achieve increased collaboration between different players in the value chain, says Lars Mårtensson.

The project is supported with co-funding from partners of Swedish Life Cycle Center: Chalmers University of Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, AB SKF, Essity Hygiene and Health AB, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Nouryon AB, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB, Scania CV AB, Sweco Environment AB, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Vattenfall AB, Volvo Cars Corporation, Volvo Technology AB.

More information about the project and planned activities will be published shortly on the Swedish Life Cycle Center’s website and on social media.

We look forward to keeping you updated on the project further on and invite you to activities of interest!

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