TwinWins: Measuring business model environmental performance

Type Research project
Time period 2023-09-01 - Ongoing


The pursuit for win-wins has a long history. From an understanding of the relationship between environmental performance and economic activity, the need for environmentally sustainable business models has emerged.

Business Model Life Cycle Assessment was developed by clarifying the role of a product system to the business model (Baumann et al 2021, Böckin et al 2022, Goffetti et al 2022). The method links the financial flows of a business model to the physical flows of an LCA in a coherent, analytical way. It can enable analysis for decoupling within a business practice, support business model innovation and validate sustainable business models to avoid greenwashing.

Aim & objectives

The purpose of this project is to grow the knowledge, capacity, and application of Business Model Life Cycle Assessment (BMLCA).


The TwinWins project will grow a portfolio of case studies combining the application of BMLCA (quantitative study, WP1) with documentation of management experience and outcomes (qualitative study, WP2). The case studies will support systematic knowledge-building on BMLCA. WP3 focuses on research communication and capacity-building.

The project brings together researchers at Chalmers and Luleå University of Technology with several industry companies where BMLCA case studies will be conducted.

Intense knowledge and capacity development on BMLCA is made possible through a 3-year postdoctoral researcher and two senior researchers. The Swedish Life Cycle Center provides a platform for research communication and dissemination.

Expected outcomes

Systematization and synthesis across case studies will provide insights on BMLCA, its strengths and limitations as a method and in practice, especially on the following themes:

  • Method guidance per type of business model (rental, leasing, sales, subscription, re-…) and/or per categories of products and services
  • Guidance on analysis for decoupling in a business practice
  • Scope for simplified analysis, metrics, and indicators
  • Guidance on integrating BMLCA insights into business processes.

Capacity-building will result in more people knowing how to analyze the environmental performance of business models.

Project organisation
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