Energy efficiency throughout the value chain

Funded by Swedish Energy Agency
Type Research project
Time period 2014-12-08 - 2015-06-30

Project title: Energy efficiency throughout the value chain – methods for increased competitiveness.


Energy efficiency in-house is a well-known win-win activity. The next step is to reduce energy and resources throughout the value chain, from raw material to end of life. Adopting such a life cycle perspective is of great importance for achieving national goals. It can also give rise to new products and business for companies. However, to consider energy and resources throughout the entire value chain challenges existing perceptions of roles and responsibilities and requires the system to be optimized over several different actors.

Aim & objectives

The purpose of this project is to develop methods for how large companies can work with energy efficiency that stretches across actors in the value chain. By studying both organizational conditions and physical effects on resources, energy and climate for a number of cases, recommendations will be given on how businesses and governments can include life-cycle perspective and at the same time enhance companies’ global competitiveness.


The projected developed methods and shared knowledge on how large companies in Sweden can contribute with energy and resource efficient solutions throughout the entire value chain. Dissemination was being made to both industry and authorities.