Biodiversity and life cycle assessment Working group

Type Working group
Time period 2022-09-01 - Ongoing


Global biodiversity loss is a key challenge, with an array of human activities resulting in negative trends for species and ecosystems. What is the status of the LCA research on including assessments of biodiversity pressures in various environments? How are standards and methodologies, etc. developing in the biodiversity area, and what are the gaps?

Overall aim of working group

The overall aim is to share insights regarding ongoing activities on addressing biodiversity pressures from agriculture, forestry, and marine activities and initiate collaborations. This will be done by

i) creating awareness on ongoing research, current status and methodologies related to biodiversity assessments in LCA;

ii) follow the development of methodologies and applications in standards in the area; and

iii) disseminate knowledge and contribute to formation of guidelines, standards, and policies.

iv) research-industry collaboration through coordinate research proposals.

Planned activities 2024

  • Online workshop on March 21st at 9-10:30

This meeting will focus on the Formas call ‘Research-driven solutions for a sustainable society’ that opens on March 19th where we intend to submit an application for related to biodiversity and LCA based on our previous discussions held in the working group in 2023.

  • Webinar on May 16th at 13-15: Ongoing biodiversity-projects and ideas for collaborations/new proposals

At this meeting, research projects and programmes on biodiversity will be presented to provide an overview on ongoing efforts and provide opportunities for new project ideas and other forms of collaborations.

  • Webinar on Sept 17th at 9-10:30: Industry perspectives on biodiversity

At this meeting, we will hear presentations by companies and the current work and challenges with biodiversity reporting such as CSRD and potential relationship with ongoing and future LCA efforts.

  • Webinar on Nov 21st at 13-14:30: Follow-up on the SETAC Europe 26th LCA Symposium and plan ahead for the SLC working group on biodiversity
Project organisation
Partners in the Center and Government agencies and SMEs in collaboration with the Center.