Biodiversity and life cycle assessment Working group

Type Working group
Time period 2022-09-01 - Ongoing


Global biodiversity loss is a key challenge, with an array of human activities resulting in negative trends for species and ecosystems. What is the status of the LCA research on including assessments of biodiversity pressures in various environments? How are standards and methodologies, etc. developing in the biodiversity area, and what are the gaps?

Overall aim of expert group

The overall aim is to share insights regarding ongoing activities on addressing biodiversity pressures from agriculture, forestry, and marine activities and initiate collaborations. This will be done by

i) creating awareness on ongoing research, current status and methodologies related to biodiversity assessments in LCA;

ii) follow the development of methodologies and applications in standards in the area; and

iii) disseminate knowledge and contribute to formation of guidelines, standards, and policies.


Planned activities & expected outcomes

Meeting #1 Current status of LCA and biodiversity assessments and ongoing research

Aim: Common understanding of current research status related to biodiversity assessments in LCA in different ecosystems.

Discussion issues (topics): Potential Workshop Theme

Outcome: Overview of research on Biodiversity & LCA. Next step and identify people interested in the topic for follow-up meetings.

Speakers: Ulrika Palme, Chalmers University of Technology, Serina Ahlgren, RISE and Kristina Bergman, KTH


  • Introduction to Swedish Life Cycle Center and the working group Biodiversity
  • Presentations on Biodiversity (Agriculture-Serina Ahlgren, Rise, Forest-Ulrika Palme, Chalmers, Ocean-Kristina Bergman, KTH)
  • Discussion:
    • How can the working group contribute to research?
    • What are the gaps?
    • Other questions

Meeting #2 Workshop – knowledge gaps

Title: Based on the outcome from the previous meeting

Outcome: Analysis to demonstrate the gaps in the current knowledge level and identify and where possible initiate common knowledge-building research activities in the area.

Meeting #3 Standards on biodiversity and the fears and possibilities for companies

Aim: Understand the content of biodiversity-related standards and initiatives and discuss what it implies for companies and researchers.

Discussion issues (topics): What else could or should be standardized? How to overcome contradiction between different interests?

Outcome: Summary of current biodiversity-related standards. Common understanding of their meaning and their implications

Project organisation
Partners in the Center and Government agencies and SMEs in collaboration with the Center.