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Friday, 10 June, 2022

25 years of collaboration within the life cycle field

The Swedish Life Cycle Center has since 1996 brought together Swedish life cycle competence and front-running organizations. It has been instrumental in developing and adopting life cycle approaches in the Swedish society, whilst making important contributions to international initiatives. And in 2022 we continue our 25-year long journey of collaboration and mutual learning with over 500 professionals among our partner network.

The life cycle perspective is being integrated in all levels in the society, from customer demands to new business models and in legislations. The need and demand for both life cycle information and life cycle competence continue to increase. So after 25 years, the Swedish Life Cycle Center and the life cycle community have an important role to play. A journey that you are an important part of.

This spring our Scientific director, Greg Peters, has developed a new research strategy to strengthen the Swedish Life Cycle Center’s scientific credibility and profile. This work has been done together with the Center’s Academy group and researchers at the Research institutes and was approved by the Board on May 24.

We, the Technical secretariat, are now in the planning process of launching “Life Cycle Talks”, a series of talks presenting the research front to keep you up to date with the science and application of the life cycle perspective.

In this newsletter you will get the opportunity to get to know some of our work and life cycle news!
/Sara & Maria

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