Participate in a survey to evaluate the project Swedish platform for life cycle perspective

Tuesday, 05 May, 2020

For three years, we have had the opportunity to run the project Swedish platform for the life cycle perspective, with funding from the Swedish Energy Agency and partners in the Swedish Life Cycle Center. The aim of the project has been to strengthen Swedish cooperation in the life cycle area and to spread an applied life cycle thinking to more organizations. The project has contributed to increased opportunities for us to organize open activities such as webinars and face-to-face seminars, as well as to conduct courses in applied life cycle thinking, and invest in communication efforts, e.g., newsletters and educational materials. Besides that, the project has also enabled us to expand collaboration with external actors developing research projects and working groups.

We believe that you have participated in some of our activities, and we would like to receive your feedback on these by answering a short questionnaire. By getting your feedback on the project’s activities, we can better follow up on whether the project’s efforts have led to valuable results and capture future initiatives and opportunities in the life cycle area and their connections to circular economy and sustainable innovations. The questionnaire consists of 8 questions and takes about 3 minutes to answer.

Link to the survey in Swedish

Link to the survey in English