Networking and drive the life cycle field forward

Wednesday, 22 March, 2023

It is all about creating the best conditions for people to collaborate within. Swedish Life Cycle Center provides an environment for our partners and others to network and drive the life cycle field forward. Our ways of working generate new knowledge, impact and influence the life cycle field and create awareness about the life cycle perspective needed in business, policy and other parts of society. This year has given rise to new collaborations and projects.

In our first year of stage 10 we introduced Life Cycle Talks, a series of talks presenting the research front to keep you up to date with the science and application of the life cycle perspective. Since the first talk was recorded live on 16th of June 2022, four Life Cycle Talks have been given and gained a global reach.

New collaboration partners have joined the Swedish Life Cycle Center during the year. CEVT and Höganäs are new partners, and two new SMEs signed our collaboration letter. These companies all have experience of applying life cycle approaches in their organizations and are now joining the Center to learn from each other and contribute to drive the life cycle field forward.

Our Scientific director, Greg Peters, has been working together with our academic partners and research institutes towards a Center research strategy. This strategy highlights the importance of collaboration for higher education, increased visibility of Swedish life cycle research and a willingness to host a scientific conference in the life cycle field in Sweden.

Two new working groups have been initiated, one about LCA and standardization and one about Biodiversity and LCA. We have arranged four training occasions for the popular two-day course Applied Life Cycle Thinking and in the end of the year we have also launched a webinar series about the life cycle perspective in the public sector.

The project “Innovation cluster for the life cycle perspective” provides a meeting place where industry, academia, authorities and other parts of society meet to create opportunities for an increased understanding and use of the life cycle perspective. The innovation cluster has been important for the Swedish Life Cycle Centre, our partners and for many of our activities. For example, to promote our working groups, the network conference, to be able to develop Life Cycle Talks and our webinar series for example. The project is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency and Swedish Life Cycle Center’s partners and will run until May 2025.

One of the highlights of the year was meeting everyone at the annual network conference and exploring this year’s theme “Life Cycle Thinking in Policy and Legislation”. The conference was held in Stockholm at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and during the network conference we also took the opportunity to thank our chairman of the Life Cycle Center Board Lars Mårtensson, Director Environment and Innovation at Volvo Trucks, for six successful years! In January, we look forward to welcoming our new chairman Susan Iliefski Janols, Vice President Sustainability Products & Services at Essity.

Together with our partners, government agencies and SMEs in collaboration with the Center we will continue to pool our efforts to collaborate towards our vision “Credible and Applied Life Cycle Thinking Globally”. Hope you will join us on this journey!

If you are interested in knowing more about what Swedish Life Cycle Center did last year, please read our annual report for 2022.

Annual Report 2022