Webinar – Re-manufacturing and circularity in the automotive industry

Date:Tuesday, 03 May, 2022 Time:09:15 - 10:30

The automotive industry faces several transitions e.g. electrification and servicification, and to meet sustainability challenges. Within the project SE:Kond2Life these questions has been investigated with focus on re-manufacturing and circularity. On May 3, 09:15-10:30 (CET) Swedish Life Cycle Center invites, on behalf of the project, to a webinar where the project and its results will be presented.

Project participants from Volvo Cars, RISE and Linköpings University, among others, will present results and share their reflections on what the projects has meant and how the results will be used in the future. At the end of the webinar there will be some time for questions. The webinar will be in English but during Q&A the language will be both Swedish and English.

Target group for the webinar is e.g. actors within the automotive industry, re-manufacturing industry and within sustainability and circularity.


Welcome and introduction by Maria Rydberg, Swedish Life Cycle Center, moderator

Presentations by (preliminary list)

  • Tom Engblom, Volvo Cars Service Business
  • Erik Sundin, Linköpings Universitet
  • Mats Zackrisson, RISE
  • Brenda Nansubuga
  • Peter Lundin, Swerim
  • Christian Jonasson, RISE

Time for questions

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Free of charge