Webinar – Sustainable and Circular Public Procurement

Date:Friday, 06 September, 2019 Time:11:00 - 12:00
Researchers from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Michael Martin, Sven-Olof Ryding, Sofia Lingegård and Elvira Molin) will share results and knowledge from on-going projects on sustainable procurement of food and circular procurement.


Public procurement encompasses a large share of public spending and contributes significantly to societal consumption of good and services. As such, it is one of the few methods by which to steer public spending toward more sustainable options, and thereby contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This seminar will present a background on public procurement and how to make it more sustainable and circular. Examples from on-going projects related to the sustainable food procurement and circular procurement will be exemplified. Furthermore, important aspects such as criteria, barriers and drivers for more sustainable procurement will be discussed.

There will be time for questions and discussion after the presentation.

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About the speakers

Anne-Marie Tillman

Michael Martin is a Senior Researcher at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. Michael has a Ph.D. in Environmental Systems Analysis and Environmental Management, which focused on approaches to quantify the environmental and economic benefits of industrial symbiosis and circular based production in the bio-based sector using life cycle-based approaches. His expertise and current work include quantitative and qualitative research methods applied to understanding the implications of sustainable consumption through the use of sustainability assessments and how sustainability assessment information can be improved by and perceived through stakeholder dialogue.



Sven-Olof Ryding is a Senior Scientific Advisor at the Swedish Environmental Research Institute, IVL, with special focus on LCA, information systems on environmental performance of products, and sustainable procurement. Sven-Olof has a Ph.D. in system ecology and is Associate Professor at the University of Uppsala. Sven-Olofhas held several positions with regard to scientific and administrative work such as Ass. Prof. at the University of Linköping, Head of Research at the Swedish Environmental Research Institute, IVL, Senior Environmental Advisor at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprises and MD for the Swedish Environmental Management Council. Sven-Olofhas been engaged in several international co-operations and has been Convenor for a number of ISO standards with regard to Environmental Management Systems, LCA and EPD.



Anne-Marie Tillman

Sofia Lingegård is a researcher at SEED, KTH. Sofia has as PhD in Environmental Systems Analysis and Environmental Management, focusing on Product Service Systems for large technical systems, linking a lifecycle perspective to public procurement. Sofia currently leads a Formas project on the possibilities for circular public procurement to promote the circular economy focusing on governmental procurement.


Elvira Molin is an industrial PhD student at IVL Swedish Research Institute and KTH in Stockholm. She has a master’s degree in strategies for sustainable development from KTH. In her current work she’s examining how to influence sustainable food consumption by the use of sustainable procurement criteria.


This webinar is arranged by Swedish Life Cycle Center through the project Swedish platform for the life cycle perspective, funded by the Swedish Energy Agency.


Free of charge.