Webinar: How should recycling be modeled in LCA?

Date:Tuesday, 19 May, 2020 Time:10:00 - 11:00

Welcome to this webinar which will give an overview of the most important results of the project. Tomas Ekvall at Chalmers University of Technology will present the project and the results and Pernilla Cederstrand, senior environmental specialist at Essity who was both participant and initiator, will give insights on the role of the case studies and what Essity have learnt from the project.

About the project:

The method for modeling material recycling can have a decisive impact on the environmental assessment of products with a high content of recycled material or material that is recycled after use. How recycling should be modeled in LCA has been discussed since the 90’s the but no consensus has yet been reached.

The project Modeling of Recycling, financed by RE:Source and led by Tomas Ekvall has been coordinated within Swedish Life Cycle Center. 21 organizations are being involved in the project and it has gathered life cycle professionals from academia, research institutes, industry and government agencies to increase the knowledge on how recycling can be modeled in LCA.

As a result, now that the project is ending, it has led to increased knowledge among Swedish industrial companies and authorities about how recycling could be modeled and the pros and cons with the models tested. It has also contributed to the ongoing debate and the development of the EU Guidelines for environmental impact of products and other international harmonization of the LCA methodology.


Tomas Ekvall

Pernilla Cederstrand

Introduction to Swedish Life Cycle Center


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Tomas Ekvall, adjunct professor at Chalmers University of Technology

Tomas is an LCA expert with long experience, and a researcher on methods for environmental and sustainability assessments. His biggest hope for the modeling of recycling project was to increase the knowledge on how recycling can be modelled in LCA, and as also to create a desire to get a deeper understanding of these methods.

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Pernilla Cederstrand, senior environmental specialist at Essity

Pernilla is a senior environmental specialist at Essity and works with sustainability assessments, claim assessments and recommendations around renewable – as well as recycled materials.




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