Graphic identity

Swedish Life Cycle Center collaborates in several different constellations. With partner organizations, with government agencies and with other centers like ours. No matter when or where one must recognize Swedish Life Cycle Center. That is what we call our graphic identity.


The logo is our primary visual feature. It shows that Swedish Life Cycle Center is behind the activity or information. The arrows and circle have been part of the logo since the birth of the organization and they associate to the life cycle and the different steps in it. By consistently following the guidelines for using our logo, it becomes clear to the surroundings what the center means and our brand is strengthened.

Give the logo the space it deserves. To the right the minimum space needed around the logotype is specified.

The logo may not be abused by putting it on different back grounds, turning it upside down, showing it in black/white, cutting it, adding shadows to it or using the circle isolated.



Download logotype






Oxygen is the main font to be used online as well as in print. It is a free font that you can easily download and install through the link below.



Download Oxygen

!”#&/()=?`+´^*_- _:;><¶§
Oxygen Light
Oxygen Regular
Oxygen Bold


Lora is an additional serif font mainly to be used in print. It is a free font that you can easily download and install through the link below.



Download Lora



!”#&/()=?`+´^*_- _:;><¶§
Lora Regular
Lora Italic
Lora Bold
Lora BoldItalic

Definitions and rules

When a message from the center is carried out through external channels Swedish Life Cycle Center should be the sender, visible with logo or brand name.

For activities carried out within Swedish platform for life cycle perspective the platform should be the sender, Swedish Energy Agency presented as the financier and always in combination with Swedish Life Cycle Center or its logo.

Templates for communication

For presentations please use our Powerpoint template with attached theme.

Please note that you must start by downloading and installing the fonts above and then open the Ppt-template.


Download Ppt template

Use the information sheet in PDF to spread knowledge about the center to others.


Download information sheet